Product development services
for performance-critical systems

Get to market faster with D3’s embedded systems development services. We support your team with our expertise in embedded vision and video, motor control, and digital power management.

Our design services include full-cycle embedded product development engagements, where you own the resulting IP. We work as part of your development team and follow our proven Define, Design, Deploy development methodology. We typically leverage one or more of our DesignCore™ Platforms as reference designs. In this way you get faster design cycles and reduce your product development risk.

We also offer fixed-price development contracts, where you can buy or license our IP. We customize the DesignCore™ product to meet your needs.

What makes us different?

Expertise in electronic system design for autonomous systems, connected automation, and embedded vision.

Proven technology embodied in our DesignCore™ Platforms and Reference Designs.

A proven development process demonstrated to minimize your technical risk, schedule risk, and cost risk.


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Hardware Design

From requirements to validation, we apply proven systems engineering and design-for-manufacture (DFM) expertise. Our embedded systems meet your design standards. Our deep knowledge of electronics, photonics, mechatronics, and optics assures a smooth transition from design to production. Our productization processes, including up-front BOM optimization, guarantee a manufactureable product that conforms to your supply chain.

Software Design

We develop algorithms, applications, and firmware optimized for your embedded products. Our software is rigorously unit-tested at each step prior to integration and verification. Once integrated, our regression testing validates that all requirements are met. 

Along with this proven design process, D3 Engineering has the specialized design skills you need to get to market faster with new products. Explore our product areas (below) or contact us today.


D3 Engineering has the specialized design skills and reliable development process you need. Let us help you pave the fastest, lowest-risk path to market. Contact today.